Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ipsy December 2012 Review

Although I have had this bag in my possession for a while now, finals and holiday traveling have prevented me from making a coherent review until now. I have learned from the internet that I am supposed to do color swatches and shit, even though my camera + your screen adjustment = not very accurate color information. I am pretending to be a real beauty blogger, though, so I thought I would do all the fancy things.

It is worth noting that people more special than I am received an Urban Decay BB cream sample in addition to what I got. However, I ordered a palette from the Urban Decay website so I am almost 100% sure that I am going to get the same sample in that order, so I will be able to give you the 411 when that arrives.

Here is a poorly lit picture of the stuff I got. In addition to being a bad beauty blogger, I am a bad photographer. I promise not to quit my day job.
The bag itself is sort of a lavender-y gray color and is shaped like a fifth-grade pencil case. It's not exciting, but it also didn't break the moment I attempted to use it, so it is a step up from last month. (Luckily, I don't buy this subscription for the bags...) Besides the bag, I received:

Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Zero (0.8g), approximate retail value $12.67

Urban Decay Eye Pencil
This is a great color eyeliner and it goes on really smoothly, but it's not my personal cup of tea for a couple of reasons. Firstly, the line is just too thick for me. I am a cat-eye kind of lady and I had a rough time getting this to do exactly what I wanted it to because the tip was not fine enough. Secondly, it is too damn smudgy! And that smudgyness doesn't go away. I had sex while wearing this eyeliner and I looked like a raccoon who ALSO got punched in both eyes.

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss in Hot Mess, retail value $14.00

Be a Bombshell Lip Gloss
The Be a Bombshell lipgloss looks quite a bit bolder than it is. In reality, it is less bombshell and more "I am totally not wearing makeup, guys. Let's pretend, but badly." This is good if bold is not your style, but I love boldness in my lip colors. In addition, when I got a kiss while wearing this gloss, my boyfriend commented, "Your lips are very sticky". It is kind of what it must be like to wear a gluestick on your lips.

NYX Ultra Pearl Mania in Mink Pearl, retail value $3.00

This is a lovely gold color, but I find loose powders to be too messy to bother with. Also, there was a lot of hype about all the "FULL SIZE" products in this bag, but if your full size product is the size of my fingernail, that's not really anything to brag about. That being said, this is a nice shimmery color, if that's the kind of thing you are into.

Mirabella Prime for Face and Eyes, retail value $29.00

This looks like a wart but is actually some Mirabella Prime goop.
This may be a perfectly nice primer, but I wear water-based makeup and this is a silicone-based primer. I only tried this the one time, but my face sort of melted off by the end of the day. I am willing to give it another try (and let's be frank, I have PLENTY left) with my Bare Minerals makeup when I get home, however.

Mai Couture Highlighter "Papier" in St. Bart's (25 sheets), approximate retail value $14.00

Mai Couture Highlighter
Whoever called this "highlighter" is just factually incorrect. This is not highlighter and attempting to use it as highlighter end in sort of streaky orange shimmer all across your face. This is an apricot blush. That's just... what it is. And even when used as a blush, it is too Oompa Looma-y for me.

Total Value of the Box: $72.67

Despite that high price tag, I really wasn't impressed with any of the products I received. None of them were wholly inadequate, but they are all things where I have a much better version already in my makeup bag as a staple. However, I said it before and I will say it again: part of the value of ipsy is the fun in trying new products. So even if everything ends up in the trash can (which it really won't... I am sure I can find someone to love it), it was worth the $10 to me.

My look includes all of the products in the December 2012 ipsy bag plus my normal foundation and mascara.


  1. "I had sex while wearing this eyeliner and I looked like a raccoon who ALSO got punched in both eyes." LOL awesome!

  2. goddamn it, I love your posts.

  3. Your posts are so funny....instead of reading them for the review-values, I am now reading em for the enjoyment factor! :)

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  5. Please start posting again. You are too entertaining and informative to lose to these bullshit essay salespeople who are obviously lost. Every few months I check in knowing you haven't updated the hoping you did.


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