Saturday, May 4, 2013

Review: Stila Countless Color Pigments

Each of Stila's Countless Color Pigments are a tie-dye-like blend of three or four eyeshadow shades. I picked up two in 'Light Show' and 'Melody'. Light Show is a four-color blend of golden yellow, lime green, teal, and turquoise. Melody softly contrasts three shades of light purple.

Given that they are bragging about how these eyeshadows are a "one-of-a-kind piece of art", I am surprised how little effort Stila put into the "frame". The packaging is clunky and unattractive. The only explanation I can come up with is that they want to exaggerate the size of the shadows so that $22 doesn't seem overpriced. (The wide base and shallow pan are more reasonable, since they reasonably want to highlight the unique pattern on the shadows.)

The shadows themselves are quite pretty, with an eye-catching, splotchy look.

Stila Countless Color in Light Show
Stila Countless Color in Melody
The colors are not completely matte, but they are a bit less shiny than a traditional satin finish. They do not feel luxe. Rather, they feel hard, making it difficult to get a lot of pigment onto your brush. As a result, these shadows are hardly the "vibrant pigments" that Stila brags about on their website. They're not terrible, but given the price point, I would expect them to be much higher quality. If this is the result, I am not sure that Stila's "proprietary pressing and baking process" is something that anyone would want to emulate.

Unfortunately, swatching the Countless Color Pigments is also a bit of a challenge because it is difficult to dip your brush in only one color. I like the idea of being able to blend the colors together, but I would have preferred if it was less of a challenge to use these shades separately.

This flaw carries over to the application process as well. On my face, Melody looked like a mild gradient rather than a fully formed look.

Stila Countless Color Melody on Human Face
Light Show was a bit easier to apply, but the unavoidable mixing of colors made the final look appear muddy.

Stila Countless Color in Light Show on Human Face
Stila Countless Color Pigments are priced more similarly to single eyeshadow than to palettes. This puts them on the pricey side at $22 for 0.1oz ($220 per ounce). Stila Single Eyeshadow Compacts are similar, at $18 for 0.09oz ($200 per ounce). For contrast, Stila In the [Blank] Palettes are $39 for 0.49oz ($79.59 per ounce), which is much less expensive.

There's nothing explicitly wrong with these shadows, but they were definitely a disappointment for me in terms of texture, pigmentation, and ease of application. The idea is cute, but the eyeshadow itself feels cheap. I wouldn't necessarily say to avoid them, but I would recommend checking them out in person to see if the flaws are bearable before invested money on this pricey product. 


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