Sunday, July 21, 2013

Review: Paul & Joe Limited Edition Eye Color in La Belle Epoque

Paul & Joe packaging is easy to swoon over. As clothing designers, the heads at Paul & Joe know how to make a lustworthy visual. Their limited edition eye colors are certainly no exception.

Although the outside is suitably lovely, it's the inside that charms the socks off of you.

It comes with a crappy sponge applicator, of course. 
Printed on the eyeshadow is an elegant carousal scene.

For some reason, I thought that it would be possible to use the palette without immediately ruining the design. My thinking on that matter is now seeming kind of foggy, as it took about thirty seconds to completely destroy the gorgeous carousel print, and that's including my picture-taking.

Watch me ruin something beautiful.

The shadows do swatch relatively nicely. They're richly pigmented and very smooth. However, I couldn't get over my deep sadness at having ruined the carousel pattern so quickly. You know how it's super satisfying to carve the first spoonful from a new jar of peanut butter? It felt like the exact opposite of that.

It is possible to do a look with only these two colors, but they are so starkly contrasted that it can look a bit harsh. Additionally, the black color ensures that any look created is very smokey.

The Paul & Joe Edition Eye Color in La Belle Epoque retails on Asos for $28.85 for 0.17 oz, putting it at $169.71 per ounce. That's not absurdly priced for a duo, but it's definitely not discount makeup. If you're looking into purchasing one of these eyeshadows, I'd make extra certain that you really do love the colors you're buying, and that you're not just being seduced by the easily-ruined design.



  2. I'd love it if you did a review of these toothbrush things I found called steripods! I need the "science" behind then explained, so I know if their good to buy or not?

    1. Hm. I haven't heard of them-- I'll have to check them out!

  3. You have such an amazing makeup talent!! How long did it take you to learn to apply your makeup so flawlessly? Would you ever consider doing a tutorial? Also, do you have any larger resolutions/sizes of your pics? I'd love to take a more in-depth look at your looks :) Really great stuff. ^_^

    1. Ha! Go back a few months on my blog and you'll see I've improved a lot very quickly.

      If you click on the photo you can zoom in a bit. From there, right click and choose "copy image address"-- that link will take you to the full size of any photo.

  4. Oh noes. I've been lusting after Paul & Joe, but I cannot kill a carousel horse. Not for a nude smokey eye whatever.


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