Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Julep March 2014 Review

You guys, I have big news. I didn't upgrade my Julep box this month. I am sure you are all very proud.

The products in this month's box were kind of underwhelming (I don't need an overly expensive lip balm, guys) and, although the nail polishes were pretty, bright colors, I wasn't exactly drooling on my keyboard over them. I opted instead to pick up the Boho Glam box.

For March, Julep released new shades of their lip glosses. They sent out the last batch in November, and I was pleasantly surprised by their quality. I actually probably would have upgraded my box if they had had an option that contained all the new glosses... but they didn't, and I didn't want to individually add on every color. Happily, though, they did have some extra customization options: the boxes that contained lip glosses allowed you to choose which gloss you received.

I did get an 'extra' this month: a cotton-candy-flavored candy stick. I had kind of assumed that Julep had just stopped adding the little bonus items, since I haven't been receiving them, but it's possible that they're just not including them in the upgraded boxes, which would be an awfully strange choice.

Boho Glam contained Elisa, a cool, pastel lilac with faintest hint of shimmer, and Harriet, a medium coral cream. Both colors are opaque in about two coats.

I was really happy with the two colors. I also really like them together-- I'm a big fan of mixing cool and warm-toned colors and these go together really nicely.

I chose to get the lipgloss in the shade "Enchanted". It was exactly what I was expecting, since I've tried Julep lip glosses before. It's wearable, medium-ly sheer, and just a tiny bit sticky.

Enchanted is a watermelon-y coral color.

Here's how it looks on my lips:

Overall, I'm relatively happy. I'm rarely really disappointed in Julep because, at this point, I usually have a pretty damn good idea about what I'm going to be getting. I like it, and I'll definitely wear this stuff. I wish this box had a new product to get excited about or colors that would blow me away. It didn't. But, hey, at least it's solid.

If you suddenly decided that you need to join Julep, you're welcome to use my referral link by clicking here. Don't forget to use the code 'FREEBOX' to get, well, a free box. (Your first box is free save for shipping.)


  1. I got the card describing the candy but not the candy itself, which was really disappointing. :(

    1. Oh no! You might be able to email them and see what they can do for you, although it might not actually be worth it for a five cent candy.

  2. Thanks for getting me addicted to Julep boxes, Robyn. I am not sure if I used your referral link, because sometimes I make these decisions at 1am in the morning while putting off a term paper I have due and the internet is hard. Even when I don't like the polishes, I feel like I'm not getting such huge bottles that I am wasting product, and they all look so cute and chic lined up on my vanity. Vanity appeal is always a positive cosmetic characteristic to consider in my book, especially with polishes, brushes and scents. I was surprised how much I liked the gloss (I got the Boho Glam box as well) because I typically hate glosses -the finish, the feel, erruythang. These were glossy without being slippery-slimy-shiny, just opaque enough to freshen up the face, but sheer enough that I don't feel I need to wear it with a liner... and I swear it looks better 10-20 minutes after I apply it, like it actually gets absorbed into the lips instead of sitting on top of them, patiently waiting for dryness and cracks to appear so that it may gaum all around them.


  3. I find seeing what people got in their subscription boxes endlessly fascinating, despite living in a country where they basically don't exist. I'm not even sure I'd subscribe if they did (probably because they'd want >$100/box here), but still, fascinating. Thank you for feeding my addiction, Robyn!

  4. I got the Modern Beauty box this month, and I LOVE the Luxe Lip treatment. Very moisturizing and surprisingly refreshing. It is absolutely ridiculous that Julep thinks it's worth $20, but I highly recommend it when it inevitably goes on sale. ��

    1. Oh really? Interesting! Maybe I should have added it on. Too late, though.

  5. That pastel lilac color looks pretty.. Whats the eyeshadow you're wearing here?


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