Saturday, June 14, 2014

Review: Le Métier de Beauté Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipstick in Ibiza

I don't know if it's the accents on the 'e's, the high price point, or the general Frenchiness, but Le Métier de Beauté always seems like a high effort brand to me. I feel like it's the kind of brand that fancy people wear. Like, you'd wear it to a gala.

I guess my lips are fancy now, even if I'm pairing this lipstick with a $3 Wet'n'Wild eyeliner.

The grooved black packaging on the Colour Core lipsticks looks like a cross between a bike tire and a sex toy, although it's work appropriate-enough that a TSA employee would probably still meet your gaze if they found it in your purse at an airport. If I were a dominatrix, though, this is definitely the tube I'd want to be using.

Unfortunately, since I always use my lipsticks at least a few times before I work up the momentum to photograph them, I didn't manage to capture a small but noteworthy flaw in the pre-use lipstick: it had a ding at the top of the lipstick itself. (My lips managed to smooth over the dent after a few applications.) This isn't a huge deal, but a lot of people are reporting crushed lipstick tops from this brand, so it seems to fairly consistent problem. I thought I would note the issue in case you want to put this lipstick in a display case and/or you think it's ridiculous that a $32 lipstick would have this problem.

Ibiza is a reddened coral with a metallic pink sheen.

I think the color is gorgeous. It's very summer-y and it offers uniqueness without being over-the-top. It has a wonderfully pearly effect on the lips.

I did my patented (not-actually-patented) "four hours and a meal" test for this lipstick. I think this is especially important for lipsticks that make claims about long-lasting formulas, and the Colour Core lipsticks are definitely advertising longevity. ("This creamy hydrating formula delivers essential moisture and full-coverage color to lips while maintaining the lasting power of a lip stain.")

Here's how the lipstick looked when applied:

Here's how it looked four hours and a meal later:

It clearly didn't do very well. Despite their claims of a stain-like last power, Ibiza is only reminiscent of a lipstain insofar as you end the day with color in an awkward line around your lips. For a nearly-neutral with a pearly finish, it's not necessarily terrible in terms of last power, but it definitely does not live up to the claims.

Le Métier de Beauté Colour Core Moisture Stain Lipsticks retail for $32 for 0.13oz, putting them at $246.15 per ounce.

P.S. Sorry about my terrible posting schedule. Have a picture of my bunnies in my bathtub as penance:

D'aww. Totally makes up for missed posts.


  1. Yay, fellow bunny person! Also, super flat-faced bun. I don't know why that's so cute, but it is. We have one who is both a lop AND very flat-faced (he's also extremely roly-poly and just sort of lumbers everywhere) and he is so cute I just don't know what to do with myself whenever I'm looking at him.

  2. Bunnies!

    Also, a $32 lipstick? *faints*

  3. It never fails to annoy me when a more expensive lipstick fails to meet up to it's claims. $2 lipstick that says long lasting but fails after 2 hours? Meh. $35 dollar lipstick that fails the same test? RAGE.

    Shame, though. It really is a pretty color.

  4. Aww, bunnies! So cute! Also, the lipstick looks great on you.

  5. Great review you have here! The lipstick looks lovely on you, I'll probably check this out...I don't mind that this lipstick doesn't stain my lips!
    <3 Pauline, ­­Addicted to Makeup

  6. you are forgiven!
    please...please post...MORE BUNNIES

  7. awww bunnies!!

    Would you mind mentioning what your eyeshadows are in these pics? the colors look great with the pinky lips, very summery and flattering!!!

    also unrelated but lovely dangly earrings!

  8. Shame. It looks so lovely and unique on first application, but I refuse to throw down so much on something that doesn't fade well. I'm always leery when stains are described as "hydrating" because well...most hydrating products have too much slip to stain. At the very least, if you call it a stain and charge high-end prices, it should fade evenly. Plus, if I uncapped a Rouge-G or a Tom Ford lippie or *insert other expensive lippie in here* and the product was crushed in any way by its own damn cap, I would not be pleased.

    Thanks for another honest and fair review, Robyn! <3 *Bunneh kisses*

  9. I realize how awkward this sounds even as I type it, but you have the prettiest lips! Every color looks good on them and it makes me jealous.
    P.S. I accept your bunny offering. Although now that sounds pretty weird too. ��

  10. Bunnies! Have been missing your posts, but all is forgiven.

  11. Bunnies!!! Everything is good now. No worries. Only buns.

  12. See, for me, that is an amazing amount of lipstick to still have on your lips 4 hours and a meal later! I don't know what it is about my lips, but if a lipstick lasts an hour (the best, most long lasting lipstick on earth!), it's a good day! After an hour, my lips look like there was never any color there, ever! I've tried all the tips and tricks, no such luck.

  13. Could you maybe identify a dupe for us as far as color goes? I agree, wow $32 for a lipstick that lasts as well as a cover girl one, but, that color is REALLY pretty and I'd be interested in a less $$ dupe!! pretty pretty face in this post, as usual!

    buns with a strawberry in a tub make up for everything.

  14. Aww, the bunnies are too cute! I also certainly can't criticise for sporadic posting, given my recent schedule :-P The lipstick is pretty, but I'm not sure it's quite worth the effort for the longevity. I mean, it's all relative as Revlon lipsticks are $30 here, but for a 'fancy' lipstick... it'd be like if I had bought an $88 (here) Guerlain Rouge G and it didn't make it past morning tea...and came dinged in the tube.

    1. WHOA, where are you located?

    2. New Zealand. :-D It's a wonderful country. You should totally come visit! Just don't plan on buying any makeup, LOL! Our MAC lipsticks are $56...

      I should probably note that I'm talking in NZ$, but at the current exchange rate, NZ$88 is still US$77

  15. Eee! BUNNNIES! As much as I love your reviews, the bunnies should make more appearances. :)

  16. Many languages have accents, Spanish, Italian, Vietnamese etc...
    Le Métier is actually a Japanese brand but I guess it's easier to paint French women as high maintenance sissies.

  17. Darling bunnies... the brown one looks like a Netherland Dwarf. (Fellow bunny owner/animal lover) More bunnies request from me. Color is pretty, but from the pics looks like it leans too warm for my tastes. The brand, to me, seems like it wants to remain mysterious yet still get more name recognition. Loosely translated: "The Beauty Trade/job" doesn't sound so luxe and prestigious.


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