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Review: NYX Macaron Lippies/Lipsticks

Despite the ever-increasing demand for lip shades that make neons look office appropriate, pastels have still been sadly neglected in commercial makeup. NYX identified this gap in this market and somehow mooshed it in with the "brightly colored french pastry" trend and the "inexplicably calling lipsticks 'lippies' despite the fact that these words are the same number of syllables" trend.

The NYX Macaron Lippies were born.

Packaged in typical black NYX cases, the line has colors that could generously be classified as "pretty fucking weird".

Of course, that means I had to have them.

From left to right: Pistachio, Black Sesame, Earl Grey, Rose, Orange Blossom, Lavender

I feel that the texture of each of these lipsticks is very consistent across shades. They are so creamy that they almost feel milky. The texture isn't greasy, but it's very, very soft, giving a lovely, satin-y finish.

However, there is a reason that vivid lipsticks aren't usually so malleable. These lipsticks slip and slide like no other. I found that wear-time was embarrassingly short. If you wanted to actually wear these suckers for a day, you'd be the person checking out their reflection in their compact every 20 minutes in case you need to make an adjustment. For me, outlandishly colored lipsticks need more longevity than your average lip color. If a "my lips but better" lipstick is half-faded, it's hardly going to look strange. But I'll be damned if I'm going look like I'm wearing mint green lipliner and nothing else because I dared to take a sip of water.

(Note: There is no "four hours and a meal" test photographed because I was never able to successfully convince myself to keep any of these lipsticks on for a full four hours. They were far too patchy and terrible looking after a couple of hours.)

With that established, here's a little more info about each color:


NYX Pistachio on Human Face
Although it could be called "minty", Pistachio is definitely most closely reminiscent of the "Tiffany Blue" shade that adorns Tiffany & Co gift boxes. Out of the six colors I purchased, this shade was far and away my favorite. The color is both exciting and vivid. The pigmentation was incredible. Wearing this lipstick is like being the embodiment of toothpaste (for the time it lasted).

NYX Pistachio Lip Swatch

Black Sesame 

NYX Black Sesame on Human Face
If the other shades in this line are sidewalk chalk, Black Sesame is the concrete. It's a pale, cool gray with an "undead" quality to it. I had pretty high hopes for this color, but I think I'm going to have a hard time using it for anything other than mixing. I'm not a big fan of nude lips and, on my skin, this almost reads as a nude lip. It's a nude lip... but if I was a zombie. I think this would be a lot more exciting and vivid on women with significantly darker skin.

Still, even if you're pale, and as long as you like the corpse chic, the lipstick definitely won't disappoint in terms of pigment. The pigmentation was solid and it succeeds in being off-the-wall in an unpredictable way. Lime green is not a lipstick you typically see, but you can't claim it's subtle. This, on the other hand, is more eerie than wacky.

NYX Black Sesame Lip Swatch

Earl Grey

NYX Earl Grey on Human Face
Earl Grey, named for the cornflower petals in the quintessential tea blend, is a cross between a sky blue and a periwinkle. It takes at least two swipes to get a truly full coverage effect.

Fittingly, given Captain Picard's beverage proclivities, this lipstick makes me feel like I belong on an episode of Star Trek.

NYX Earl Grey Lip Swatch


NYX Rose on Human Face

Rose is definitely the shade that was most different from what I was expecting. Despite the absurdity of every other color in this collection, there was some weird part of my brain that thought that Rose might be relatively wearable. Holy shit; it is not.

That's not to say that this is a bad color or that I didn't like it, but I found it to be just as odd and jarring as the more eccentric shades in the collection. Although the color in the tube looks like a bubblegum-y shade one might be able to find from a million brands, the lipstick, when swatched, has a cool, lavender-based tone that's weird as hell. Don't expect a hue that is classic or easy to pull-off.

This is another product that took a few coats to build up adequately.

NYX Rose Lip Swatch

Orange Blossom

NYX Orange Blossom on Human Face

Orange Blossom is a peachy pastel orange that reads like a muted creamsicle. This one also took at least two coats of lipstick.

NYX Orange Blosson Lip Swatch


NYX Lavender on Human Face

I probably wouldn't call this shade a lavender, as it's got a super-cool blue undertone to it that gives it a surreal quality. The shade is amazing. It would be the perfect color for Titania from A Midsummer Night's Dream. Sadly, though, I thought that this one applied pretty badly, needing multiple layers to get the color I wanted.

NYX Lavender Lip Swatch
Overall, I feel that these lipsticks are fun, but I'm having a hard time imagining their appeal for a large audience. The colors are definitely unique and fun to play with, but the terrible lasting power makes them even more impractical than a green lipstick would otherwise be. This is really a product designed for photoshoots, where a makeup artist is hovering nearby in case of smudges.

The NYX Macaron lipsticks retail for a reasonable $5.99 for 0.16 oz, putting them at $37.44 per ounce. Because of the cheap price, I'd recommend grabbing one or two if you've been lusting over them... Just don't expect to wear the fuckers around town without them migrating all over your face. And, for the love of God, wipe them off before attempting to eat a sandwich.


  1. so pretty! i love your makeup looks with them, but sucks about the lasting power.

  2. Black Sesame looks amazing as a whole with your look. A+ on the eerie undead feeling.

  3. I wore the pistachio out for a dinner and movie. Definitely kind of owned the crappy look during dinner and checked my mouth right after the movie for a reapplication. I loved the ethereal look but do agree with the whole if it's gonna be a crazy color it's gotta look good business.

  4. I love the way you did the pictures with the matching eyeshadow. Very striking! The only one of these I own is Lavender and I had a very different experience than you did with it. Though it did seem slippery to me and rubbed off after a while, it left an even, pretty pink stain that lasted all day. I was actually quite surprised considering how non-pink of a purple it is.

  5. I was really hoping this would be a positive review. Do you have any recommendations of unusual coloured lipsticks with greater longevity?

    1. Check the post with swatches of Portland Black Lipstick, but be aware their shipping is randomly long (the samples I ordered a month ago aren't here yet, though I'm sure they will turn up eventually).

    2. Omg. Mine took a month and a half to even ship out. I got an email in mid-june saying that they'd were catching up from the holiday rush. I ordered in April.

      I'm all for supporting small indie businesses, but they kind of need to get their shit together.

    3. I know some peeps avoid Lime Crime because of the dramz, but their lippies are really high quality. I have six of them. One of the hallmarks is that the reddish shades last FOREVER. Like the reds, fuschias, neon pinks. Retrofuturist (true red) and Countessa Fluoressa (neon pink) stay put after drinks and food all night. Even Airborne Unicorn (neon purple) and My Beautiful Rocket (orange) last a respectfully long time. The ones with more white pigment tend to be chalkier and apply less evenly and I don't believe they last as long, but definitely better that the Nyx lippies.

    4. Agree w/the LimeCrime recommendation. I have an LE green (may still be available online somewhere) called Serpentina (dark green with metallic shimmer) and it's amazingly long-lasting and well-pigmented as well as being genuinely flattering and wearable. The unicorn purple one (forget the name) is also great, as is the blueish gray one (another name i can't recall but you'll know the shade when you see it)--it's a trip on, and really stays. Kind of like the gray one by NYX reviewed here. A good pale orange is Cosmopop. Ebay has out of circulation LEs for quite a while, usually.

  6. Most of these are creepy looking, but I think you're actually almost pulling off Rose and Orange Blossom.

  7. The "violet" actually had a surprising staying power compared to the others, and I did get tons of compliments.
    I found that many if them will stay if used with a dry-ish lip primer... I used DuWop prime venom.

  8. What do you think about setting lipsticks (either with the apply-->blot-->powder-->apply method or with something like Model in a Bottle's lipstick sealer)? Though it's not something I'd want to have to do every day, these colors seem pretty suited for costuming and cosplay and the longevity you can get from setting might be beneficial. Have you ever set your lipsticks before?

    These colors are stunningly pretty even if they are odd. I love that NYX has pretty fairly consistently good products for drugstore prices.

  9. I have black sesamie and the black one (chambord?). While black sesamie doesn't work by itself for me , I find that mixing it with the black looks awesome. Kinda like a gunmetal grey. And it lasted a good four hours and a drink on me !

  10. FYI Kleancolor did a set of these recently too--they have a couple of great colors, including a dark blue that ends up a vivid teal on your lips, quite flattering and well-pigmented, with better staying power than the paler shades. Their lime green is also pretty cool. Barry M did my favorite lavender lipstick though--it's a bit more sheer, with a little iridescence, stays on well and because it's not super full coverage it doesn't look as funky when it wears off. But it still has a strong lavender pigmentation to it, though.

  11. I love how you matched the lipsticks with your eyes! So pretty. I really want to try them out but at the moment I don't think anywhere in Australia sells them just yet.

  12. I kept reading "Black Sesame" as "Black Semen." Not sure what that says about me... but I think either name is a little bit apt.

  13. Right now I only own "Black Sesame," and I have to agree: the first thing I thought when I applied this color was, oddly enough, that it gives the feel of a nude lipstick, even though it's obviously gray. I actually like it quite a bit though! I ordered a few more since and will probably be receiving them next week, wee! Very nice review! Love how you paired specific eye looks with each swatch. :)

    ~nikki ('<>')>


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