Friday, August 22, 2014

Julep August 2014 Review

I miss the days when Julep arrived at the very beginning of the month. Now, it comes smack dab in the middle, just like every other subscription box. I need everything to be spaced out!

On the bright side, I got some pretty shit this month. I missed my opportunity to upgrade, so I went ahead and got my regular "It Girl" box with an eyeliner as an add-on.

The bonus this week was a screen cleaner. As someone with a flip phone dated from the late 1990s, this is not super relevant to my life.

Here's the more exciting stuff:

Julep Gel Eye Glider in Smoky Plum

As a sucker for the color purple, I couldn't pass this pencil up. Although Julep makeup products are pretty hit or miss, I was pleasantly surprised to find that this one is super nice (especially in comparison to the train wreck that was their scratchy, poorly-pigmented Kajal Eye Glider).

Calling the pencil a "gel" product seems pretty silly, since the pencil is just another typical soft pencil liner. However, I do think a lot of companies struggle to do purple pencil eyeliners (I have a few by Urban Decay that I think are pretty mediocre) and this one feels effortless. The texture and pigmentation are both lovely.

Plus, you know. The color. Look at it!

The smoky plum shade has a hint of near-irridecent sheen.

My only complaint is that smudging reads a little bit messy for this product since it does have a little shimmer to it. That's probably not a deal breaker for most, though.

Nail Polish

The nail polishes in my box were:

Joyce, a Wizard of Oz ruby red shimmer,

Kirti, a neon orange shimmer,

and Tammi, a yellow-y lime green.

In particular, Joyce makes me feel pretty snazzy.

Overall, I'm really pleased. This eyeliner is one of the best makeup products I have received from Julep. It is also one I know I will actually use, since it's not just a crappy dupe of something I already own. The nail polish colors are pretty. Save for the assumption that I own an iPhone, this box was right up my alley.

If you suddenly decide you want to join Julep, you are always welcome to use my referral link by clicking here.


  1. looks gorgeous on you, the e/l :-)

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. That pencil is lovely - LOL at it being 'gel' though. Maybe the're trying to get on the Benefit gel eyeliner bandwagon?

  4. That is one spiffy liner! I also rather like that green polish...

  5. If you're looking for more pigmented purple eyeliners, Pixi makes some great ones.

  6. You can stick the screen cleaner on your laptop for quick fingerprint cleanups :)

    I do hope Julep gets its shipping together. I dislike having to plan for it in the middle in the month (my mailwoman is at my apt at the unholy crack of dawn with parcels).

  7. The name of the green nail polish just really made me laugh - tammi is Finnish and means English oak.

  8. I really wanted to get the India polish (bright blue shimmer), but it was already sold out. The Sushmita is awesome. It's a silk finish, which is more of a matte, but the color is bright, unlike the other silk polishes they have. I also got Neha (a darker magenta) and Anvi (a shimmery purple). I really like the jewel tones this month. And the eye pencil is nice and pigmented. The only problem is that it tends to run a little on me, so I only use it for tightlining and on the lid. I continue to use powder with a pencil brush for my lower lashes for the best staying power.

  9. I only want the red nail polish cause its my name :D

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