Saturday, October 4, 2014

Julep September 2014 Review

As per usual, I opted to upgrade my Julep Maven box this month (using points rather than cash; I would not upgrade if I had to pay to do so!), turning what would have been a small $20/$25 box into an unnecessarily gigantic collection of nail and beauty products that I can barely manage to even try.

Here's what I got for the month of September:

The "bonus" this month was a duo of two generic hard candies that I did not eat. In the process of not eating them, they managed to melt all over my box.

Nail Polish

The nail polishes I got included:

Kirby (Bombshell): A jagged chrome glitter.

Mary Lee (Boho Glam): A vampire-esque oxblood.

Lupita (Classic with a Twist): [Lupe Lupita, ¿dónde estás?] A mix of red and fuchsia.

Quinn (Classic with a Twist): A grayed-out lavender/the world's stormiest purple.

Eliana (Bombshell): A smoky denim.

Mahima (It Girl): King Midas's dream. Liquid gold.

Erin (Boho Glam): Concrete gray.

Fifi (It Girl): Baby shower pink.

Ryan (It Girl): The color of the ocean when Cthulu rises out of it.

Here's how Mary Lee, Mahima, and Kirby look on my nails:


I also got makeup products! Yay, makeup!

Julep's "Plush Pouts" are tubby little lip crayons that weigh in at 0.07oz of product.

The idea is that they have a "moisturizing core", but the texture of the clear center doesn't feel substantially different from the pigment surrounding it. Instead, it just seems to make the products swatch strangely. You end up with weird patches on your face where there is no color at all. The texture is admittedly creamy and nice, but the weird white center doesn't appear to contribute to that.

Given that one of the reasons that lip crayons are desirable is that they are easy to control, giving you strange clear spots on the product seems especially incomprehensible. It makes the product feel crude and difficult to use.

From left to right: Aurora, Almond, Cardinal, Magenta
Unnecessary core aside, the colors are beautiful and pigmented and the texture is creamy without feeling like it's going to melt off of your face.

From left to right: Aurora, Almond, Cardinal, Magenta
The four colors of Plush Pouts are:

Aurora Pink

Aurora is a warm bubblegum color. The pigmentation, though is a little weaker than some of the darker colors. It's more of a medium-coverage lip product.

Almond Nude

Almond is definitely my least favorite of these lip crayons. The pinky beige shade is already not my favorite, and the pigmentation falls substantially short of the "full coverage" that Julep promises. Combined with the awkward clear center disrupting my application, I felt that I needed a lot of layers for a pretty lackluster final result.

Cardinal Red

Cardinal, on the other hand, was gorgeous. The warm, saturated red feels like Christmas and reminds me of a poinsettia. The glossy finish feels classy and sexy.

Magenta Plum

Magenta definitely leans more purple than a traditional magenta. I usually think of magenta as a midpoint between purple and pink. Here, it's a warm, vibrant purple color with a vampy effect.

In addition to the plush pouts, I did get a Blank Canvas lip primer, which I'd previously reviewed here in November 2013. It seemed like a strange thing to include since they had already sent this product out, but it's certainly not a terrible thing to get an extra product.

Overall, I feel fine about this box. It is consistent with the quality that I expect from Julep, but it is in no way stellar or even noteworthy, save for the near-perfection of the Cardinal Red Plush Pout.

If you are suddenly realizing that Julep would fill a hole in your heart, you are always welcome to use my referral link by clicking here. Use the code FREEBOX to get your first box for free.


  1. Oh man, that red though. How beautiful is that lip color!

  2. Every month I cry that this isn't in NZ

  3. The lip crayons look so weird even if the pigmentation looks good. Almond Nude looks nice though even if the pigmentation is crappy. When you swatch it, does it naturally look like have a part that's less clear because of the white-middle thing? Haha

  4. This box's selection of nail polish colours is amazing--just my type! (And yet, here I am simply admiring and not planning to buy one at all.) Regarding the lip crayons... oh well, they tried. But hmm, as much as I love funky lip colors (like blue, purple, green...), I actually thought the Almond looked lovely on you. Is it the photo? Or my unconscious exposure to no-makeup-makeup filled Asian media?

  5. that red lip crayon looks great on you but i skipped this month and am not feeling too bad about it.

  6. Nail polish that is "The color of the ocean when Cthulu rises out of it."?!
    I love it. LOVE. Quips like that are the reason I read YOU before any other beauty blog.

  7. Cardinal is pretty epic. :-) I'd also take the gold, stormy purple and Cthulu-sea polishes if this box were somehow sitting on front of me. Which it isn't, but still.

  8. It's a shame the almond lip pencil performed so poorly, it looks like a very flattering nude for you!

  9. Still waiting for Part 3 of How Much Do Your Eyeshadow Brushes Matter?, where you're supposed to see if there is a difference in the efficiency by which cheap and expensive eyeshadow brushes work!

  10. "Ryan (It Girl): The color of the ocean when Cthulu rises out of it."

    WTF? Hahaha. This coming from the same writer who was referred to me for her awesome post on cheap vs. high end brush performance, and brush cleansing agar demonstrations... I'm in loooove <3

  11. A possible supplement for these Julep posts is nail swatches onto a nail wheel. It would be a much better indicator of colour, which could save you time trying to describe the colour in words - if you're up for it. Just a suggestion :)

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